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Originally Posted by LzREngineering View Post
My worry about correcting using the preload collars is that on full droop, one spring may be loose whilst the other is still slightly compressed. Could this lead to some strange handling at max roll?

Any tips for softening or stiffening springs slightly?
the metal fatigues. Some of the internal bonds are weak and break softening the spring over time. Use your thumb to compress the heavy ones over and over again but the amount of weak bonds is randomn so you will just have try it and dont over do it. Start by repeating 5mm compressions then 10 then 15...

You will never get your springs perfect and probably wont notice a difference in them being a little off but you can shim a spring or bend a portion to increase length. Conditioning doesnt just have to be about compressing. You can stretch them to get length and compress them to get comparable yield. If you condition a long spring with repeated compressions you can condition a short spring to be longer. The stretching and compression will break the bonds in both directions so if the measurement is 2lbsfor 10 mm and you have one that is short you can drop the resistance by stretching and compressing. The bonds break in both direction they dont grow back in a stretch.

you will find that the bonds break in a very narrow window. For example 5mm stretch or compression may not break very many or any bonds but 6 will break allot.

think of a bolt being screwed into a and aluminum joint. It might take 180 degrees to damage the threads from over tightening. Now think of a bolt screwed into a cast iron joint. Torque rises very quickly and you can damage the threads in 90 degrees. Its the same bonds being broken in a spring. The harder the metal the smaller the window is before the metal loses elasticity and bonds break.
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