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Originally Posted by chainsaw10 View Post
Thatís what I do...I hunt for cheap rollers and pats lots on eBay for spares and projects. This is a build I made from a HB D8 roller that I picked up on eBay a few months ago. All these parts on this build are compatible with a Vorza ...
i cut a piece of Kydex to use for an esc mount, much like that eBay listing....In order to make this body fit
There is a lot more room to place stuff with a new body! I had to place the ESC where it is to clear the body! I would like to have had it more to the side to offset the weight of my massive battery. I am waiting on worrying about balance till I get all my parts in. A new better servo will probably weigh more, so will the 20 tooth pinion when it goes on. I will install the castle creations pro bec behind the motor, that will add weight too. I am not sure if a Spectrum SRS6000 reciever is heavier but there is that too. I am not sure if wire weight is significant, but when all the lights are installed, and the the servo arm is replaced with metal it will balance out a little more. All of these little things together will add weight when I get them then I will try to balance the car. I have seen people use car wheel balance weights to even things out. There is not much room to move thins around at all without drilling holes, one thing i really don't want to do. If it comes to it, I will change the body to put the esc somewhere better.

I also want that skyrc corner balance system! I am so poor all of a sudden...
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