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Originally Posted by zhensofa View Post
I saw some one has similar ESC mount on ebay.
Wow, i was looking at the bags of spare parts then looked at the price, he is asking for too much but it got me thinking if I can find some cheaper used ones that come with parts! I wonder if he did mount his ESC on that carbon fiber plate. The body won't sit right all the way up front there, it would have to be right on top of the diff or further to the back. I wanted to offset mine to one side a bit to help balance weight and I couldn't it would rub against the body. It really has to be close to the center to fit right. I am starting to think that I should have mounted the plate with 4 screws rather than 2 on opposing corners but it feels sturdy for now.

I am dying to play with it outside but we had a snow storm recently and everything is covered. I don't want to put it through snow yet. I turned punch control down to the slowest setting to save my hardwood while I try to race around my house

I have a 44 inch spur and a 20 tooth pinion I want to put on soon once I play with factory teeth and get a good feel for the machine. I also already hate the controller and I want a new one.
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