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Originally Posted by dgrobe2112 View Post
anyone been running the new 2019 much yet? im interested to see what everyones thoughts are on the new caps and bladders? i built my car using my old shock setup.. tried the new caps and bladders this past weekend for a day.. didnt really seem to like them with the same oil i had in the shocks from previous setup.. still some work to do.. they were very aggressive.. and didnt really do well on the rough parts.. did improve landing jumps.. but i ended up with the old caps and bladders..

also.. i got an updated setup sheet on the xray page.. planning on a few different things that should help get the consistency where i want it..

XRAY ::: Set-up Sheet - XB8'19

1. upper camber link, to outer hole on c-hub
2. 3* rear toe, going inner holes on the rear blocks
3. want to swap ride height, where front is higher than rear.. so.. 25/24 or 26/24 (similar to our setups on kyosho back in the day)
Do you think the new caps have an effect to the performance? I thought this 4holes are only for easier bleeding and servicing. The bladder of course will make a difference. I ordered them but havenít received it yet but I will running it with the screw caps.
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