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Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
. But, I will say this. In order to keep customers happy and in order to continue with the progression of the Mylaps/AMB system, there should have been a trade in program. This would have been to keep customers happy. If you have however many transponders that are older, you should get a 30 to 50% discount on the purchase of you replacements.

Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
I wonder if you send in your Decoder box for service, if they will automatically put 4.5.on your system.

Hi, MYLAPS North America support member here. I'm new to the company, but from my interactions with customers and partners so far, it appears MYLAPS has changed a lot since 2017 and is being more responsive.

If you have our legacy model units and are looking to upgrade or have a broken unit I can move you into the Rc4 Tx for less than $50 US. If you have a bunch of legacy transponders I will work to come up with a solution with you.

For the 2nd point, if your decoder comes in for service it will NOT be upgraded to 4.5.
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