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Originally Posted by billdelong View Post
Not sure what car you're running, but most brands offer "lightened drive line parts" designed specifically for stock racing, ceramic bearings are a must, I like to run ceramics from AVID in the Aura single metal shield series. Other tricks to reduce rotating mass are running 2WD wheels up front without foam inserts, not to be confused with cut carpet wheels, I'll still run a 4WD front tire, typically ProLine Prisms, but with no foams up front. Plan to spend between $200-$300 in upgrades to gain a competitive edge in stock racing.

Right. Sorry, to be clear I'm looking particularly for things that could reasonably be swapped out on a twice-weekly basis. Obviously, having two dedicated cars where the stock car has all sorts of lightweight goodies gives less of a compromise, but I'm not going to replace the drivetrain twice a week. Plus, my driving isn't quite at the point where I'll see much benefit from lightweight drive shafts of I'm truly honest!

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