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Thanks to Joel’s inspiration, I took my M06 with me to the track Saturday.

Our track is quite large so with the speed of the M06 you have a lot of time to think lol.. which is nice. My baseline set up was still the same..

rear blue /60 wt ; camber -1°
front 55 / red wt; camber 0°
Toe out 0.5°

I tested the car with two tyre combos, because in the upcoming TCS series it’s either one of these tyres and our track has not yet settled on which one.

1. Ride inch up 36°
2. Tamiya Type A front and S grip rear

Ride was much easier to drive on the black CRC carpet and I did not struggle with traction roll.. where as the Tamiya combo immediately led to traction roll.. so I had to reduce my EPA.

After my first two runs I spoke with the owner and he seemed to be leaning towards the Tamiya tyres so I spent the rest of the day practicing with those.

I practiced entry on which turns led to traction rolling and evtually settled into a rhythm of consistent lap times 20.5 to 19.7. Given the size of track, breaking the 19 barrier on stock M06 gearing will be hard!

My fasted lap was set with the ride tyres and they are easier to drive on since they are low profiles.. The rims look gawd aweful on my Alfa but the Suzuki swift we’re no better.

I often wondered why Tamiya didn’t stick with the Panasport rims that came on the Mini. All in a fun productive day.

The work I did to suspension per Joel’s tips made the car super consistent
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