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Originally Posted by smirkracing View Post
Hi all

I built up a new truggy over the holiday and have been running it at the park, jumping, running thru grass etc.

For bashing purposes only, is a sway bar even needed? The truggy is already low slung and has a low CG.

I am trying out some some big jumps so it it seems like removing them might make sense.

Any thoughts?

It looks to me you have no clue what a swaybar does and what it can change to your car.

Because there is more weight above the center of the driveshaft the car will lean over in the corners. Swaybars will lower that effect. The thicker the swaybar the more straight up the car will stay in the corners . There is only 1 disadvantage, the thicker the swaybar the less the grip on the wheels where it is mounted.
For large jumps you rather want to look into thicker shock oil and maybe harder springs but most of all many spare parts because you will damage a lot if you can not land on 4 wheels.....

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