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Originally Posted by UK.hardcore View Post
8th scales need them. Keep them on.
I'm curious to learn more on your thought process behind this statement?

Under what circumstance would a sway bar be necessary for bashing? For instance, I see lots of cheap 1/8 Truggies sold all over the net without sway bars and they seem to do just fine.

I recently had an interesting situation where my EB48.4 mysteriously started driving faster for me one day. It wasn't until later that evening when I was doing maintenance that I had discovered that one of the 2 mount points on the front sway bar mount had snapped. This allowed a significant amount of slop making the front sway bar very ineffective. Next race day I decided to remove the front sway bar completely, and sure enough I had gobs more steering response and lap times were just about as fast as they had improved before, but my consistency had dropped off. There was an off-camber section of the track that would sometimes catch my front end and I'd traction roll What I decided was to go with the lightest sway bar that I could find after replacing the front gear box so that both sway bar mount holes could be used again and that did the trick!.

This is probably the only time where having a broken part on my car actually improved performance, ha! It would actually teach me a lesson that I need to also experiment with maxing out my tuning window on each option to get a better feel on what it does to my lap times. In contrast, from a basher perspective, I'm not really seeing why sway bars are necessary for clearing basic jumps and what not? For a non-prepped area, I can see where not having sway bars will improve traction to get more grip.
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