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Default ROAR motor list

What in the Sam Hill is the hold up? I am aware that the administrator is very sick, and that it truly awful. Since that is the case, I'm sure his responsibilities have been passed on to someone who can...I don't things?

Races and tracks all over the place have been ignoring the list because there is an acute shortage of motors, and hobby shops have customers that they need to satisfy. I just came from The Hudy where they didn't even bother with the list at all, and just measured resistance instead. I raced stock classes and witnessed no evidence of people taking advantage. My 100% ROAR legal cars were on par with even the very fastest cars.

Nobody is getting rich in this business. Motor companies are suffering terribly with the slow-as-molasses approval/list update process.

How long will it be before we are forced to move on from ROAR entirely? Is there any hope of things improving in the near term? Will everyone be forced to run old motors at Nats because the list is still not updated?



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