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My first 1/8 scale vehicle I ever got was the Kyosho Inferno MP5 back when it was first released. I couldnt believe the power and speed it had as it was also my first .21 powered rig, and I had bought the top of the line O.S. engine for it too. Cant remember the model # but I know it was $320.00 at the time which was expensive. I think the kit was around $450.00 if I remember correctly. I ran the crap out of that until I had the throttle stick wide open in a large parking lot one time and it went straight into a curb at probably near 60mph. Not one part wasnt broken or damaged beyond repair, but to my luck Kyosho had just released the Inferno MP 7.5 which was vastly better in every way. I installed a new Rossi Black Magic motor, which to this day I still think is the best looking motor ever made, and while it didnt have any more top end than the OS, it did have much more noticeable torque so it would get to top speed quite a bit faster. It was also about $100.00 more. I ran that rig for an couple years until the MP777 was out. Loved the older Kyosho cars...
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