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Originally Posted by b3master View Post
its simple indeed, i dont have the budget to change elect, im trying to make do with what i have laying around for the time being... we r just having fun and not racing for medals or anything... if there was a proper organized race id either have to get proper gear or not race... for meanwhile its just practice....

anyways, indeed great information gathered here and made me look at things differently, and I havent checked the temp but i have a good feeling im already pushing it with current timming setup on current gearing and I indeed have to test as advised to get proper temps FIRST then sync with other racers...
I understand your point but no matter what you do if you are winning, people will always complain. I had run a class before that did 80amp trackstar esc blinky with 21.5 trackstar motor. Like you I did not want it to spend money on a new esc and was running a HW2.1 120 amp with a 21.5 trackstar motor and people didn't like it that I was winning and said it was because a .0001ohm diference in the esc resistance. I bought the cheap esc later and it was the same outcome.

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