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Originally Posted by billdelong View Post
Here is Tyler's article on how to build a competitive 13.5T Spec setup to include the rear shock mod along with a listing of all parts needed, note that Tyler is the current National Champ for the 13.5T class:

It is worth noting that Tekno has improved their plastic shock caps, on my recent build of the ET410, the plastic caps went on without any issue and I have 5+ race days without any problems so far, I don't plan to upgrade to the aluminum caps anytime soon
Mines were still a bit oval, but worked like a charm. Definitely a big improvement over the initial cap batch back in 2017. My second batch EB410 shock caps were the worst composite caps I ever encountered. Time will tell if there is enough tread engagement, but so far I've been quite happy with the ET410 caps. I wish the buggy had those a year ago.
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