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Originally Posted by longuylander View Post
You should have hooked up a hamster wheel and let the little ones power your car!
I will try to build a hamser wheel that can fit into the chassis and put a conveyor belt to genrate power to the motor. Hahaha!

Originally Posted by DaSilva3525 View Post
I haven't done it personally but I remember a lot of FWD 1/10 guys using a shorty battery pack and moving it all the way forward... and putting the ESC inline in the battery tray near the rear. Might help a ton and keep it clean and balanced. Food for thought
That's a good advice. I will look into that. But I'm also planning on putting graphite plates (custom) on both sides. One to guard the low profile servo and RX next to it because the servo has short wires. As much as I want to solder new longer wires in the servo, I changed my mind and place the RX next to it instead. On the other side, another graphite plate will me custom made to fit the ESC properly. It's amazing how Tamiya put a bridge with canal under the battery case. In case a servo/ESC wire needs to cross.

Originally Posted by DaSilva3525 View Post
He's looking for 17.5 power... Hamster power is like Mod! lol
That's a good one. Hahaha!
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