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Originally posted by TryHard
quick question;
What socket sets and sizes do you use for your 12ths?

I'm a little confused with the imperial numbers (always used metric before), and I'm trying to figure out if the stuff i'm using is correct.

For example, for the main screws on my car (CRC 3.2) I'm using a 1.5mm hex driver, should I be using a .063 driver instead?
I've got a 0.050 driver now, so thats not a problem, I just don't want to be stripping any of the alloy screws by using slightly the wrong size driver.

Also, what about for the nylock nuts? is it a 4.5mm driver, or a 1/4" i need.....

Anyway, as for a quick update... recieved all my parts for the car today (well pleased, I only ordered them yesterday morning).... so I now have a complete new screw set, so all red screws are now being used (I've got to dremmel 5 out, but i'm not doing it today). Also got some JACO purple fronts and grey rears, new diff balls (ceramics!) and all the parts to get the car to a good operating level.

All i need now is some proper tools.... just to put in the pitbox.

Thanks in advance
I got a set of standard OFNA hex wrenches and nut drivers and they work great. I don't know exactly what sizes they are but it's fractions not mm. They come in sets of 4 and they are fairly inexpensive. If you have money to burn I would get a set of Hudy wrenches.
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