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Default Re: Re: Re: 6 cells vs 4 cells

Originally posted by Trips
Back in '94, 4 cell 1/12 scale racing was rare outside the U.S. If we're talking about the same race, it was here in the U.S. (Detroit, if I recall) but being a world championship it ran under IFMAR rules.

If I can find the tape I'll digitize some of it and post it here... it's really amazing.
yep it was 1994, the IFMAR 1/12th world Championship was in europe that year, indoors on carpet, AE has it on tape. don't know if they still sell it.

David Sphashett beat Masami with his Corally.

i watched this tape 3 months ago at a friends house, what caught my eye was when the camara went thru the pits and showed the 1/12 cars with 6-cells
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