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Default Victor Engineering - Reloaded

Hi All Victor Engineering Fans and Collectors

I hope people read that title and thought I used to have one of these or still has Victor Engineering Products still lying around

The recent why I decided to put a topic up like this is. I have always been an interested owner of there products from the day dot. When Victor/Maxtec Disappeared it was why - Victor went back to his home country I believe and Maxtec closed shop that was a surprise as this stuff awesome for the era. I collected all the information I could but then stopped due to people / collectors keeping all the information quiet (and still to this day people that have information don't want to share)

So if your reading this - tell us what you have and post some pictures.
I am starting a Facebook Page and Website I have posted all I have about the gear and always looking for more information.
I am searching for :

Any Pictures from any of there equipment - from ESC's to Equalising Sqales and anything in between
Firmwares - I am trying to obtain all the eprom firmwares I can and making a table of them all ( From HI IQ / SNR / Super / Super 2 / FCC / Industrial / IQ3/ IQ 3000 / Promatch) I believe there is over 30 different version throughout the range.)
Information on making the Custom Switchable Eproms (detailed pics and wiring information)
Putting Passwords and Custom Messages on the firmwares
How to update from IQ - Iq3000 and all the models in between (Love a person to make a step by step guide to making them)
Source Code (I don't think that will ever happen) - we are working on Lipo Functions at the moment.
Schematics of anything

If you have time please message me on the forum
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