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Default 2018 Electric Paved Regionals Results

The ROAR region 11 electric onroad paved champs were a tidy but vigorously contested affair. The turnout was such that we were able to hold the full program in one day, which cut us loose for Sunday, but not before leaving us panting and exhausted after a full Saturdday of racing in the mid-summer heat.

A couple of notes:
First, the Rush 36 spec tires worked wonderfully. We went single sets for the full program in both mod and stock, and they held up well. I'd say the best results were achieved with a mild to medium preparation of either a 10-15 minute soak of FX2 with a five minute wipe and dry, or a low temperature 20 minutes with Tweak and a final wipe and dry with FX2 before heading to tech. The track was prepped beautifully by the ever-attentive Jake, whose fame must endure in the region for many years for both his contributions to the island layout and his devotion to prepping the surface every time we meet up to race.

Second, on the subject of ROAR. People are going to think what they think, but I will say on behalf of our program they have always been a strong ally. Through ROAR, the cost of venue insurance is nominal, an expense we would otherwise have to pass on to ourselves in the form of higher entry fees, to say nothing of the administrative hassle. We also rely on the ROAR rule sets and approval lists for our classes. And while there is no question there have been occasional issues with the timeliness of approvals, they have also taken unpopular-at-the-time steps to enforce their rules, which in the long run gives credibility to the races where their rules are observed.

The racing is Stock TC and Mod TC was fierce. Even now, with the overall event count starting to add up, we found a new layout to run. We went counter-clock on Mega Flow, which in the other direction has always been my favorite, but now I may have to consider whether the reverse course isn't the prime layout for our track. It has an engaging mix of high speeds and high tension passing zones that create close yet somehow safe racing.

The results are attached and the blow by blow is on Region 11 Paved Champs

Thanks to those who turned out. We had us some fun!
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