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Default Looking for 3x30.5mm shock shafts

The shock shafts used in Tamiya touring-car shocks are 28mm long. The shock shafts used in their optional rally-car shocks are 33.75mm long. There is a third size, used (as far as I know, exclusively) on the Tamiya XV-01 TC, that is 30.5mm long. These are incredibly rare and basically impossible to find anymore. I'm looking for shock shafts from a different brand that are 30-31mm long, but I'm really not keen on having to buy random sets of touring car shocks to find what I'm looking for. Can anyone suggest a set of shock shafts that are the length I need?

EDIT: Yes, I know I could cut a couple mm off the 33.75mm shock shafts, but that's a sub-optimal solution. It reduces the threaded length of the shock shafts, and those shafts aren't coated with a low-friction coating either, so it would be nice to find exactly the part I need if possible.
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