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Well I finally had the slightest run in with a track barrier and the front gear box mount broke...sure you 201 owners have experienced this before.

I finally got my hand on the part and the design sucks and the material was the worst choice possible.

​​​​​I did some repair to get the gear box back together using some Kevlar and super glue...probably stronger than it was prior to the break.

I bored out the 4 suspension mounting points so I could use a single screw and a lock nut in each location to hold the suspsion arms. Screwing in the self tapping screws puts outward force in the mount and I bet there is a huge stress point where the 2 screws come together in the OEM configuration... A single screw all the way thru is a much smarter configuration...well I'll be testing my theory.theory. I did a test run this evening and it seemed to work through some hard cornering.

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