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Default Losi ten-t starter box

Hey everyone, so first of all this is my first post here but ive read through alot of forums so far to learn some things, but i finally have a question i cant find an answer too. So heres the story...Ive been out of rc for about 8 years now and used to bash with an old revo 2.5. Ive recently picked the hobby back up and i want to get into racing 1/8 scale nitro buggys and truggys. About a month ago now a friend from work offered me a losi ten t to learn with for 50 bucks, so i jumped on it. I figured for 50 bucks while i learn to control a truggy on a track, if anything breaks, who cares. So anyway, the engine runs but my problem is, is that the R.O.S.S electric starter motor is done for. Since i got it its been weak, locking up, getting really hot and now finally it barley does anything. Also i know its not wearing it down from running to rich or flooding because when it was starting the motor, it ran great and was tuned pretty well. The problem is, is that since the truck is so old, i cant find a replacement R.O.S.S system or even a pull start, but i can find back plates for it. i cant find anywhere though were anyone has used a starter box on them and ive also never used a starter box so this may be a dumb queston, but what starter box will work for the ten-t and can i even use one on the truck? and also will that box work for my future 1/8 scale stuff like say a losi 8ight nitro buggy? Sorry for the very long winded first post but i wanted to make sure it was detailed and also if this is posted in the wrong section im sorry. thanks in advance for any help.
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