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Originally Posted by joelm View Post
Got to run run mine for the first time on road Friday night, What a blast, box stock no mods aloud, no grease on the shocks, no weights, just a whole lot of fun. I gotta say if you're a must win at all cost DON"T BUY ONE!!!!!!! this is just for run and laughs. the most enjoyable class of the evening again the other classes are all about set up and who can send the most money. RC racing has become a rich man sport with
$200.00 17.5 motors, battery chargers, battery dischargers, all the lightened parts. I can't hardly complete in stock buggy any more, there are guys with more money in their stock buggy and stadium truck than in my real car it's out of hand in my opinion if this turns into who can spend the most money or cheat around the rules class I just might give up on the whole RC hobby!!!
well said. That was the point I was try to make with my posts. Thanks for summing it up. Fun first win second class glad to hear someone's still having a blast with them the way they were intended to be run
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