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Default Tble02s

Originally Posted by nexxus View Post
The quicrun esc has a 2a BEC, and mine has been fine with a high torque servo and my light and sound units. The stock TBLE-02S esc was failing far too regularly (even without lights etc) so the cost of the Quicrun esc (which also has a true lipo cut off) was better than trying to replace the stock esc, is essentially bulletproof and can handle a bit of water if we do venture onto a damp track. We also proved that there was no performance difference in top speed etc by changing to that esc, so it was an easy decision.
It's true, the tble02s seems to shutdown or thermal really easily when running brushed motors, even silver cans. What's weird is that the tble02s runs brushless motors just fine... In Singapore, we run Tamiya 15.5t tblm motors for the truck class... The tble02s, handles that just fine, with no thermals or shutdowns (even without an esc fan)
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