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Originally Posted by Cougar347 View Post
Hey guys, thank you for your quick response, much appreciated.

I also sent an email to RJ Speed last night, I wasn't sure how quickly they would get back to me, thus my reason for reaching out to this forum.

Rick from RJ responded to me during the night (wow, Sunday evening, talk about great customer service). He explained that the tolerances on these parts were very tight and both were made of stainless steel. Perhaps I just got some bad threads, I don't think I cross threaded it.

He offered to send me replacement parts ASAP, I'm very impressed with RJ Speed. I hope to have this car on the track in no time. Thanks for your help.

I guess while I'm on here I might as well double down. Does anyone have any tips on setting up the RJ differential, or should I just put it together the way they recommend and go run it? It seems that this is the secret to getting the power to the ground, if there are any ways to make it more effective, I'm all ears.

Thanks again.
Hello Coug. Welcome to the hobby and the forum.

I've bolded in quoting you what may be an additional issue. I try never to use stainless on stainless as a fastener combination. They tend to seize together during assembly. Options are to use the tiniest dab of 'Never-Seize' or comparable anti-seize compound. Or, use a dis-similar fastener combination, such as carbon steel to stainless, or aluminum to stainless. Either way will prevent thread seize during assembly.

You've started in the hobby with a classic kit. Even if you upgrade later, hang onto that RJ / Bo-Link. Its a fun car. Good luck. AC
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