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Default 2June2018 Race Report

A weather forecast threatened our first two race days, though we got through both just fine. This time out, a grim traffic forecast had racers freaked out. Carmageddon. I know a couple ducked out, not wanting to sit through a two-hour jam northbound, but in the end, our turnout was solid again. We had 43 entries, full heats, 36R track temps, and excellent competition across the board. I also got home no problem up 99 to Green Lake and then cut across.

As has been the case, but I won't go without calling them out all the same, Jake and Jerry made a big contribution in the morning prepping the track. Thank you, guys!

And the racers made good on the effort with superb performances all day long. It seems almost illicit, like we're getting away with something being able to race on this track with such good conditions and talented racers in attendance week in and out. But on the other hand, we've worked so hard for it, so maybe Fortuna has us in her graces for awhile. I don't want to tempt her by getting complacent, so we'll keep the hammer down on continuing to improve the grounds, sharpening our individual programs, and welcoming new racers.

I forgot to take a picture, so you'll have to imagine the day's champions in your mind's eye.

Scale Spec: Mike Boyle—jock strap, black calf socks with sandals, clown wig, grape juice box.

Novice: Sara Mendoza—early 90s Rachel cut; bedazzled jeggings with an N'Sync concert shirt; half skim, half almond milk, double shot latte.

Stock TC: Todd Mason—James Bond tuxedo, Aston Martin Vantage, Russian swimsuit model double agent, cosmopolitan martini.

Formula One: Rich Mishko—mullet haircut, pleated bleach-washed jeans, NAPA auto parts trucker hat, Jaegermeister shot.

Modified TC: Korey Harbke—the Hers half of a His and Hers t-shirt set, a yard-long list of sponsors past and present ( double column,10 pt. Font, single-spaced), wheat grass smoothie on ice.

Modified 1/12th: Stuart Mason—New Balance shorts to the knees, Kiss “Alive in '75” t-shirt, #7 Raikkonen cap, 32 oz. Sprite.

And if you're thinking, “Man, that's an impressive crew!” Well, you'd be right!

Here is the blow by blow from RCScoringPro: June 2 2018 Seatac Club Race

Results attached.
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