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Originally Posted by NitroVein View Post
I don't believe anyone is trying to cut out the mfg/teams, quite the opposite, who wouldn't benefit from a global expansion by organizing things.
i wasn’t saying it asin cutting out manufactors but running along side them. I was more thinking along the lines of. (Moto gp as a perfect example)

Ducati Factory team.
Alma Pramac Ducati.

One is a factory team and one is a satellite time. both runs the same bike (nearly) both race the same class but one is a privateer team. If you look at the Facebook page they are on about only having a few drivers from each Team. So Mugen for example have Batlle, Maifield and Drake as top drivers but if they could only have a team of two entering the series, Batlle and Maifield would be manufactor team and Drake and another would be satellite team (just a example)

this is all just guessing sting and I wish there was more information 😂
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