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I am not sure of your sons skills/experience. Is he a beginner or intermediate racer? If you want to avoid buying motors I will lend you either a 21.5 or 17.5 motor. They will be suitable for a newer driver. I suggest that you come to the next race and attend it. USGT has been going strong at the Village. 21.5 TC used to be a strong class at the Village, but for whatever reason we have not had enough entrants the last two races (odd). 17.5 TC is a strong class everywhere.

The Village has started a kids class. It is aimed for novice drivers. It is a run what you brung class. Your son might want to start there.... Keep in mind that after a few months he will probably improve significantly and may move up to another class, hence plan on buying once......or take me up on my motor offer etc.....

The best thing you can do is show up at the next race and introduce yourself....

He is a beginner at racing. Did one race at Mills pond. We are getting him a used mugen race buggy probably this weekend. He is reasonbly decent driving but does not have much experience with tracks. He's been driving RC since 3 1/2 and graduated to his 1/8th scale monster truck at 7 1/2. I've been researching all the stuff for onroad and I purposely just bought 2 2S packs instead of a 4s pack for his buggy so we can use the packs in the buggy and for onroad. I'm thinking of Sakura XI NU chassis. along with the hobbyking combo esc/motor either 17.5 21.5. Body I have been researching and I'm sure my son would like the USGT bodies better, but I also need to ideally find something that has decals and just need one color sprayed as I'm terrible with painting. I'd happily buy a painted body if I could find a reasonbly priced one that was legal in the class and that my son liked.

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