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Originally Posted by billdelong View Post
This is a known issue and I'm really surprised that HoBao hasn't addressed this, earlier in the thread I posted some tips on how to bend a custom ackermann bar to get equal throw in both directions, I also showed how you can grind the front pivots to get even more throw. After the mods I was able to get the same amount of steering as my EB410 and turned comparable lap times... the 10TT can be made to be extremely competitive.... they just need to hire some pro's who know what they are doing to make a few tweaks to the design... personally I'd rather see them switch to a C-Hub design if I had any influence.

Bill, I'm not sure if you posted the steering mods here or at (RIP), but I think it was over there.

It's a fun truck for sure, just needs a steering redesign. I also found the aluminum shock towers and hinge pin braces to be a bit weak, if it were made out of billet aluminum instead of cast that would help a lot. If you're just doing oval with no jumps, it's probably fine.
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