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How many actual brushless motor manufacturers do you think there are in the World? Where do you think the majority are actually manufactured? Asia, where they will cut each others throat for a dime? Do you think that Trinity, TSR, Motiv, Maclan, Reedy, Actinium and so on and so on actually make anything more than a bag with a label on it? They are all buying blanks so to speak probably from the same oriental low bidder that is supposed to build to a specification requested by the above named "manufacturers" but after the first few dozen start to take their shortcuts to be able to produce a couple extra of the specified motors with the material that was supposed to be installed in the first place to make up for the loss on the low bid. Now we blame our beloved manufacturers for bending us over and driving it home with a "cheater" product. Are they guilty? Probably a little or maybe more but they're getting shafted as well. I'm not siding with them but in an outsourced economy the end user gets to eat the biggest portion of the sh1t sandwich. The only solution is to not buy. That action goes all the way back to the actual manufacturer.

What do we do in the meantime? Use last years bullet. If it is a 17.5 event then everybody brings a 17.5 motor with identifying marks and puts in a box. Everybody draws one(you can't get your own) and races. Nobody will bring a rocket that they don't get to use and it isn't likely that anybody will drop in a turd either cause your name is on it. When the event is over you get your Barney Fife bullet back. Is this the solution? No, but it is "A" solution for what could be done until the dust settles on all crap that is going on. It doesn't require any company selections or shunning. To the so called "team" driver that wears his T-shirt and acts like the head of Hugo while planning his vacation on the money he is saving from his 15% discount I say, "suck it up". If that motor you put in the pot is that good your sponsor still gets the win. Maybe in better hands.
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