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I converted my CMX into a CFX using MST's conversion kit.

The drive ratio with this kit is much lower than the CMX originally had, so I had to get creative to fit a small-enough spur gear to increase the drive ratio to match my CMX's original configuration.

The spur gear shown above is made by Kawada, and has been fitted with a center adapter from the Tamiya XV-01 parts tree (which the XV-01 never actually uses, strangely enough), drilled-out slightly to fit the CFX's input shaft. The screw holes in the gears are stuffed with teflon friction pegs from the Traxxas T-Maxx Classic to produce a usable slipper surface -- a trick that I also used on my XV-01 FF FWD rally car.

The CFX is a little more tippy with the motor mounted higher, but it performs about as well in practice because the truck is about 100g heavier overall, which helps anchor it to the ground a bit better. Anyway, it's definitely more interesting and realistic with the front-motor conversion.
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