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Default Re: PRO'S AND CON'S

Originally posted by FREAKAH
OK, here's a couple of questions for all of you who actually races the X1 CR Pro.

What do you like most about the buggy and what do you like the least?(durability and performance wise)

As you probably noticed, I already have a 777, but I haven't run it yet. A couple of freinds who race the 777 have been having problems with soft rear arms that allow dogbone ejection, fragile front arms, the need to replace the seemingly un-loved LSD diff and the dreaded shock bladder blow-out syndrome(among other things) so i'm thinking about unloading it before I use it. Some of you may say that I should give it a chance(as my freinds say) but with a child on the way, I would like to spend less time wrenching to fix problems when I get home so I can spend more time with the family.

Does the X1 CR have similar problems as the 777?

I have also researched other buggys(EB4 S3, XB8 and of course the MBX5) but i'm really more interested in the X1 CR Pro right now.


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