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I agree with 1/8 IC Fan, as if you know how to properly break in and tune, the $500 engines are worth it. If you're not sure and or not confident in your skills, I would recommend seeking some pro help at your track. If broken in wrong, the $500 engine won't give nearly as much benefit. I know Adam Drake has a break in service for high-end engines. Again agreeing with 1/8 IC Fan, stick with local favorites but I would recommend OS and REDS. Lots of other engine companies base their engines off of the OS ones so their a pretty decent choice. It is based in Japan so the pipes will be a bit more to replace if you crash often. REDS is a smaller company with good customer service and known for high quality.

When looking for top-end engines these are a few (a lot) good ones
OS B2102
OS B2101 Adam Drake
REDS WR7 Diamond
REDS Corsa Lunga
Maxima B2R Jared Tebo Edition (really hard to find only 5 sold)
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