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Default Earth-Shattering Points News !!

Round 8 is long past history and I can just imagine you've all been sitting at your computers wondering why it's taken me so long to get the points up, especially at this crucial time in the season . Truth is, I've been distracted the past few days -- I've been combing the TV channels trying to figure out which station was carrying the World Origami Championships. I've finally just now realized that they can only been seen on paper view.

61 entries posted in Round 8, tying our seasons best so far of Feb 3rd. Nice to see! And the more entries we get, the tighter the class races get. Just consider:

1/12th stock -- Strong qualifying runs and TQ combined with the Mains win netted Logan a perfect 13 points. JT, who forfeited oh so many points by not making ANY qualifying heats , nevertheless pulled it all together and claimed 2nd place in the mains. Kyle put in a strong run for 3rd. Which means that the Ed and Eddie show must continue into Round 10 to see if that single point separating 1st and 2nd will e x p a n d, hold, or collapse.

In Euro-Truck: Grit, determination, and ever-increasing familiarity with Big Rigs gave Lee Buckley a third place finish on the Euro-Truck track. While Stephen Yoshida TQ'd, he had to settle for a 2nd place finish against winner and master of " don't take this class too seriously " JT. Good job, though, Stephen - at least JT didn't increase his points lead against you.

F1: A field of seven F1 cars took to the track in the Mains to see what they could see. But all that they could see, yes, all that they could see, was the rear wheels of Bak Choi leading them on. Starting in last place due to difficulties in the qualifying rounds, it took him only four laps to assume the lead, and I don't believe he ever looked back. However, the real story of the day is between Chris Lim and Ed Mardones -- each has 52 points. Each wants more. Each can get more. Will the next round be THE round?

Touring Stock. What can we say about Touring Stock? Well, we can say that two driver's opted to prep for the next weeks WCICS race by setting up their cars to run on WCICS spec tires. We can also say that one of those driver's TQ'd! Alas, the TQ was cancelled out by the DQ for not running OGR's spec tires . Setting aside all of that, though, Eddie Dinter still leads the pack with 80 points, but Ethan, Tiny and Alex M. are not far away, and throw-outs are going to make up the difference in a hurry.

Touring Mod: Logan collects another 13 points for TQ and 1st place in the Main. That puts him within striking distance of points leader JT who couldn't hold off 2nd-place finisher Keith Yu beyond 4 laps, but nevertheless still finished in 3rd, two laps or more on the rest of the 7-car field. I wouldn't hand out the prizes just yet, but the points spread on this one suggests betting against any major upsets. But maybe...

BBSS: Now then, wasn't Big Block Scale Spec one for Ripley's Believe It or Not? Who would've thought that a giant black hole would open up and swallow half the field? Luckily most of the cars were able to come back to the track for the make-up race, but I feel badly for the couple that could not. I guess you could say "that's racing", but it's definitely not "normal racing". Nevertheless, Alex Mardones' 3rd place finish leapfrogs him into the points series leader's position while Jason Lee drops to 2nd. Tiny's 13-point day brings him ever-so-much-closer to contention and I predict that Round 10 will put him onto the series podium - at least, it will, if I haven't jinxed him by drawing attention to the fact.

In conclusion, that's how it all went down oh so long ago in what future history books will refer to as Round 8, 2018. With Round 9 being cancelled due to the WCICS race last March 3rd, we'll continue to battle it out in Round 10 this weekend. Friends, fun, maybe some bragging rights, and a chance to collect more of those very important points. What more could you want? It all starts Saturday with the doors opening up at 6:00am. We'll be a bit short-handed as some of the crew are travelling, so any help you guys can give for setup is greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to post the link to the points: 50% chance this link will suck you into a black hole. Or the World Origami Championships. Don't know which is worse.

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