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Originally Posted by carpet Carlos View Post
Could someone explain the differences between these reds engines.
The WR7 is the best buggy engine ever made by REDS. It is a 7 port engine with all the good parts: DLC crank, DLC backplate, ceramic bearings, lightweight cooling head, etc. It has great bottom end, but still controllable power delivery, paired with blistering top end speed. I don't have words to describe how awesome this engine is. With the quality materials, diamond coated parts, and a proper break-in, these engines will run forever. We are running the same WR7 since Pyscho Nitro Blast last year. That includes multi-day events like PNB, AMS, Nats Warmup, Nationals, CRCRC, plus every other race that we attended in between. It is still very strong and the wear of the rod and crank pin are still within tolerances. Same bearings as well.

For truggy, the WR5 is the 5 port version of the WR7. It has all of the upgraded components, but produces more instant power delivery due to its 5 port configuration. It replaced the tried and true R5T Team Edition, which had been the primary truggy engine of REDS' truggy racers. The "HE" version will provide increased fuel mileage but at the expense of some power. The R5R discussed above is also an excellent choice for the budget-minded truggy racer.

The R5R is a great value for the performance provided. It is a 5 port engine with some, but not all of the high cost upgrades of its more expensive brothers. It has a bit more raw bottom end grunt than the WR7, and will run with most any high-dollar engine down the straightaway. It is a very popular engine due to it's great performance to $$ ratio. It is good in buggy and truggy.

The newest engine is the WRX. It is the most powerful engine that REDS has ever sold. It is for the racer that wants the feel of instant and huge power delivery (Think Electric Truggy). It will work in a buggy if you have tons of traction and/or are a great driver with excellent throttle control and car control. Otherwise, I personally would recommend this engine for truggy. It has insane power! It has all the same Diamond coated parts (DLC), ceramic bearings, and horizontal carburetor as the WR7 and WR5. It also has a new, and even lower CG designed cooling head.

All of these engines are winners! You simply need to pick the one that fits your budget and your needs. Feel free to message me if you have any additional questions.
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