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Default 10Mar2018 Race Report

The final gym club race of our 2017-2018 was a solid effort, 45 entries in nine heats, and showed that form for the Emerald City Classic is strong in the club. Setup and teardown went smooth, with good help on hand to get us up and running for 80 minutes of practice and out the door by midnight.

Scale Spec: this class at the gym has been slipping in numbers. It's strong at the hangar, and I've seen NORA running well, but for whatever reason it's not turning up at the gym. Every class goes through cycles. Once upon a time, Mod TC was teetering on being cancelled, and even Stock TC was thin for a few races this season, so I want to avoid overdiagnosing what is going on. When it does come back around, there is a talented nucleus of drivers to give it a true competitive character. Gary Lewis showed the way last night, while John and Jerry were on hand and sharp enough to keep him attentive to the task at hand.

Stock 1/12th: I will freely confess that I have occasionally, willfully, ignored or denied the superiority of some motors over others, even when I am suffering from the reality that is contrary to what is in my head. Maybe it's a control-freaky thing that manifests itself? Who knows, this is not about me. More to the point—I spent money on a Team Scream The One, cursing myself all the while for chasing performance and not finding the way with the good gear I already owned. But guess what? I took it out of the wrap, bolted it in, bothered not at all with the G-Force/Motolyser nonsense but just went with how it was sent, rolled out at 76, and took TQ and set a new track record just like that. Since I refuse to buy or recommend a Trinity, I will say the TSR is straight baller in 1/12th Stock. I added a whole lap with no other changes between this time and the last few outings. Brian got around me in the main as I was knocked around in traffic. He may have gotten me anyway, so I shouldn't pin it on that. But! It was good to finally be on terms with Bodine after a season of frustration feeling like I was either a motor idiot or simply not that good. Either or both of those may be true, but I can add with some conviction that all the same: motor matters. Particularly in this most challenging of all motor classes.

Modified Touring: This one was fearsome. It has been lately. Korey and/or Jake have been out front and away as a rule, this time it was Jake. But the three through about six contest has been epic. Donny, Sam, Stuart, and Weylin were uncompromising and committed in their collective desire to beat each other into submission. They all finished within two seconds of each other, with Stuart and Weylin within 6/10ths at the finish. But not to look past Jake, as he consistently puts together a good program all while maintaining a notably rigorous engineering effort on the Awesomatix. He has has stuck with it all these years, as it evidently absorbs his considerable creative energy. I'm happy for it as it keeps him engaged and showing up.

Formula 1: This was a bit of a procession, which is to say, true to scale. Alex the Canadian showed up and locked it down. The rest did what they could, but he was gone. I might add that all drivers were respectful of the precarious realities of open wheel action and drove clean races. Minimal contact made for a clean race and enjoyable spectating.

Stock Touring: Stuart has been erratically brilliant this season at the hangar in Stock TC, but he has never until last night showed up at the gym to race the class. But, Team Mason has a guest driver for the ECC (guess away, but we're not telling), and Stuart wanted to shake down the ride before handing it off. In the process he enjoyed a successful TQ and win. Donny drove the youngster with a hard-nosed, no quarter given determination to knock him down a step, but to no avail. Stuart kept his cool in the second qual and set the top mark. It was a great experience for Stuart, as Donny is a formidable presence and not averse to banging doors. Sam drove well, briefly holding the lead in the main before Stuart gathered it back up.

Modified 1/12th: We missed Korey last night, but no lie, Brian more than made up for the absence as he put what I will call his best car ever on track. He was untouchable. Notably, Sean tried the carbon deck on his 12R6 and promptly went back to the aluminum. And hats off to Jeff and Ken for showing good improvement.

We will hand out the points cups during the ECC.

Results attached.
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