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Default 24Feb2018 Race Report

Nearing the end of our ninth season at Magnuson Park, the Seattle RC Racers enjoyed a typically robust outing in the community center gym with 44 entries in nine heats, including a four-car Novice field.

We were lights out and on our way at midnight thanks to plenty of help at teardown, which is hugely appreciated. Without wanting to put a hex on us by saying so, we have the financial model figured out to support long-term operations in an expensive and growing city. But we don't make so much money that we can afford a setup and teardown crew—we have to do that ourselves. When we exercise our strength in numbers, all goes well. When the number of helping hands slips, it puts a burden on those who remain that is unsustainable. I think we all recognize that. Last night was good. I will do my part to keep the program chugging so we are not tearing down in the wee morning hours.

Our competition committee meets this week to review this season's program, consider rules revisions, and confirm plans going forward into the summer and next indoor season. Following is a brief rundown of the agenda:

Scale Spec: do we change up the motor rules? Some feel the open ROAR motor rule is messing with the class. Others say leave it and that a few people complaining does not represent the broader sentiment. Just about everyone agrees that test motors should not be on track in the class, though again, not everyone. I have been quietly surveying the field and looking at installed equipment, hoping to see a slam dunk choice for a single-make motor. Sadly, no one motor definitively sticks out. If, and I mean IF, we go that route, some will surely be disappointed, even angry, that their investment is rendered useless for our program. There is no choice that comes without negative repercussions for someone. We will do our best to make a wise choice.

Stock Touring: there is a strong split in opinion about whether to go 21.5 or 17.5 for our Stock class. Arguments on both sides are informed and convincing. The one definitive is that no one I've talked to wants to see a split class. I wish I saw a more compelling national trend, but it's not shaping up in the programs and races I've surveyed. Interest in 17.5 remains deep, but 21.5 is for sure pulling entries. A few more in one here--about equal in both there—it's a question that is not being answered for us. We will have to make our choice without the comfort of obvious alignment with other local programs or regions.

Community center remodel: the community center will be remodeled in the next 12 to 18 months and going by current parks department plans, we will be out of a weekend home for a stretch of time. I have started laying plans, but the process of buy-in will have to begin soon. I have some ideas knocking around in my head that could set us on a new adventure, but I have to put them to the first test with the comp committee to see what gets shot down immediately or what strikes them as possible.

Summer Sizzler: with the TZGP taking a year off, we find ourselves with a perhaps larger summer energy and interest budget to work with. A true two-day summer race (triple mains, yadda yadda) may be making a return to the outdoor calendar.

That's just a partial review of the agenda the guys will confront on Wednesday. We will follow up with an all-club meeting in March.

The racing results with lap by lap times and positions are available here online: RC Scoring Pro | Saturday Club Race February 24th 2018 Results | Seattle RC Racers Results attached in .pdf as well.
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