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Originally Posted by Airwave View Post
I do, and the purpose of the specific design is to concentrate the flex on the flex bars, so you can have a lot of traction in the rear part of the chassis. It is working very well in the conditions I used the car (13.5 boosted, medium grip asphalt). I'm quite surprised to see that you are using the cf link on the rear, I've done the same because the car had way too much flex everywhere.

You can find my impressions about the kit here: MTS T-squared - Démontage et remontage | Rc4life

The first thing I had to do was to re-design a chassis/upper deck for the car and ask Bezerk RC to cut it. It really transformed the car. You can ask him, I think he still has the plans.

Then I replace all the plastic parts by Xray parts, which are stronger. The thin arms are good in lower traction conditions, but when traction increases, you lost a lot of energy in curves and transitions. I think you have the same impression as you switch for cf arms :-)

I'm not racing the car anymore, but it was a fun car. At the end I was using my custom chassis/upper-deck with stands in the front and thickest flex bar in the rear.
I ran both and this version handles a lot different all together not even close to the tsquared

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