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1 Presidents Welcome

Welcome to the 2018 On Road SERCCC Legends Cup.

This event is proudly hosted by South Eastern Radio Controlled Car Club (SERCCC) sanctioned by the Australian Association of Radio Control Model Car Clubs (AARCMCC) and supported by our Major Sponsor of RC Model Cars.

The SERCCC Legends Cup is the premier event and we expect to see exciting racing.

We look forward to welcoming you to the SERCCC track and trust that you will enjoy yourself.

Warmest Regards,

Michael Clark,
SERCCC President

2 Event Date & Location

The event will be formally run 17th of February 2018

Entries will be closed from midnight 15th February 2018.
Entries may be considered on the day with prior notice

2.1 Location

South Eastern Radio Controlled Car Club (SERCCC)

Graham Myers reserve

89 /105 Hendersons Rd

Bittern VIC

2.3 Entry Form

Entry Form

3 Classes

3.1 Sanctioned

ISTC Modified

ISTC 13.5t

ISTC 21.5t

ISTC Junior Sportsman

3.2 Demonstration

GT 17.5 (Demo)

Mini (Demo)

F1 (Demo)

4 Class Entry Fees

First Class: $40

Second Class $25

4.1 Tyre Limits

ISTC Modified 3 sets

ISTC 13.5t 2 sets

ISTC 21.5t 2 sets

ISTC Junior Sportsman 1 set

GT 17.5t 2 sets

5 Meeting Format

1. Please be aware the meeting format is subject to entry numbers.

2. The Race format is Round Style Racing. All Classes will have a total of up to 6 Rounds on Saturday .

3. Random Grid position format will be used. After each round is completed the computer will reset the grid position randomly not matter where you finished in the previous race.

4. Should entries exceed race time allocated, we reserve the right to adjust the format based on entry numbers.

5. Round are achieved we also reserve the right to refuse further entries to a class. No entries will be refused prior to 15th Feb.

6. Sanctioned Touring Cars to have a maximum of 10 cars per race.

7. Less than 8 entrants in any sanctioned or non sanctioned class may not attract trophies, less than 8 entrants and the class may not be run.

8. Changes to the above format will be communicated after entry numbers are finalised and confirmed at the first drivers briefing

9. All competitors in Championship Classes must be members of AARCMCC affiliated clubs.

5.1 Round Racing

1. There is no Qualifying or Finals form for races at all. The race format will be from the 1st round. The grid will be randomly selected by computer in all rounds. Re-griding positions will be posted after each round

2. If rain or similar unforeseen delay occurs, and a minimum of 4 races have been concluded and in worst case will constitute an event.

3. No Points are awarded, results are combined for overall distance (Laps) completed over the 6 race rounds with 2 rounds dropped.

6 Trophies

1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each class will receive a trophy,

All other competitors to receive certificate of placing.

Concourse trophy (body and chassis) trophy for best painted body shell.

All classes will be judged for Concourse together, prior to first qualifier. To be eligible for concourse, body must be used at some stage during the event.

7 Transponders

SERCCC has the latest MyLaps RC4 decoder

“Pure” RC4 transponders are supported as are all MyLaps and AMBrc transponders.

MRT mPTX personal transponders are supported.

Club transponders will NOT be available.

8 Seating

Undercover tables / benches available with first preference to our interstate and country guests.

Local competitors, if you have shade and/or tables it would be greatly appreciated if you brought your own

9 Catering

BBQ, Hot Foods and Cold drinks will be available.

10 Technical Regulations

10.1 ISTC Modified, ISTC 13.5t, ISTC 21.5t

AARCMCC rules will apply as stated on the AARCMCC website aarcmcc.org - please familiarise yourself with these rules.

Please be ready to present your car to scrutineering on Friday.

All cars will be subject to typical weight and measure checks.

Bodies will be checked and marked. Maximum two bodies per competitor at initial scrutineering. If you want to run a 3rd or more body, these must be checked before use.

13.5 and 21.5 Motors must be presented at initial scrutineering to be inspected and tagged.

No Cross Entry between Sanctioned Touring Car Classes is allowed.

10.2 ISTC Junior Sportsman

AARCMCC rules will apply as stated on the AARCMCC website aplease familiarise yourself with these rules.

Motor - Turnigy TrackStar 21.5T 1855KV sensored brushless motor. P/N:9192000034 ONLY.

ESC - Any ESC that has a “Blinky” mode ie; a flashing light.

Gear - Gearing is fixed to the minimum of 4.5 final drive ratio (FDR)

10.3 GT 17.5

Rules for this event can be found on serccc website noting below.

Muchmore Racing - Fixed Timing Spec Motor. FLETA ZX 17.5T Type W Brushless Motor with Zero timing.


Muchmore Racing - Fixed Timing Spec Motor. FLETA ZX V2 17.5T with standard rota - Brushless Motor with Zero timing.Muchmore Racing - Fixed Timing Spec Motor.

Motor Modifications:

NO! modifications are allowed in any way at all. This includes any

enhancements, improvements, tuning up, shimming, ceramic

Bearings, Timing and winding alterations.The Motor to be run is

out of the box as is and tampering in any way at all is NOT

ALLOWED!. General cleaning of motor and lubing of original

bearings is allowed.

ESC - Any ESC that has a “Blinky” mode ie; a flashing light.

Fixed Gearing - is to be set to no less than 3.5 to Max of 3.8 FDR

2 door GT Modern Style Bodies ONLY (190mm)

Volante 36 Rubber tyres only (24mm)

10.5 F1

F1 is bound by the rules set out rcformula1 .com .au noting the following

Any 21.5T motor and blinky ESC2S hard case LIPO in line with AARCMCC Touring Car Rules.

Tyres are open, No limit on number of sets.

10.6 MINI Tamiya Mini

AUS R/C MINI Racers Weblink Rules

Rule set for Vic Mini racing, current as of 27/06/17 Tamiya mini

10.7 13.5T and 21.5T Motors

Motor checks will be conducted randomly as required. if complaints or or its seem that a motor is seen to be preforming unusually, the entrant will be required to present the motor for inspection and dismantled if required. If tampering has been discovered the entrant will be disqualified.

Failure to comply will result in disqualification of that round.

10.8 Tyres

1. NO Controlled Tyres will be issued for Junior, 21.5, 13.5, Mod and GT.

GT 17.5 Must used Volante 36 Rubber tyres only (24mm)

i. Junior 21.5 a maximum of one (1) set of tyres permitted

ii. 13.5, 21.5,GT 17.5 a maximum of three (2) sets of tyres permitted

iii. Open class, a maximum of Four(3) sets of tyres permitted

iv. No Control Tyres will be issued and with a heat rating of 36.

Any brand can be used excluding GT Class and are to be supplied

by the entrant. Maximum sets allowed will be marked prior to the

first round and are the only sets allowed to be used in the event.

Excluding Practice. Tyres will be available for Purchase on from the

main Sponsors.

Hearns Hobbies

RC Maker

2. There are to be no modifications made to the tyre assembly (i.e.: air holes in the rims must not be made bigger).

3. Re-gluing and tyre balancing is allowed.

4. Tyres will be marked by race organisers and checked regularly, tyres are allocated to you and your class

5. Tyres may be interchanged within the sets purchased by a driver for that class without penalty.

6. If tyres are damaged the tyre assembly may not be used.

7. It is the drivers' responsibility to ensure that all identifying marks on the tyre assembly are not damaged.

8. You may not use another entrant’s tyre(s).

9. Tyres are property of the entrant at the conclusion of the event.

11 General

Electrical Equipment Safety– in the interests of safety the event organisers recommend that:

240V electrical equipment be tested for safety prior to the event (eg: power supplies, soldering irons, power boards).

We reserve the right to refuse the use of any equipment considered unsafe.

Compressors – the club air compressor is available for use by all entrants.

Personal air compressors may not be used to reduce noise and potential power spikes.

12 Proposed Event Schedule

Track Opening and Event Timing

Saturday 17th February February

Saturday 17th February

8.00am - Open Practice

10.30am – Concourse and Drivers meeting.

11.00am - Round 1 to 6 are run on Saturday and may be run under lights if required and time permitting.

Track closed

Finishing time (pending on number of entrants)

Award presentation ceremony.

The above schedule is indicative and subject to change at any time by the Race Director to account for unforeseen circumstances including inclement weather. If need be the Event can continue under the track flood lighting

13 Stock Motor Requirements & Testing

Body Shells Inspections Allocated time slots:

This applies to MOD, 13.5T & 21.5T all body shells are to be presented for pre tech inspection.

Motor Technical Inspection.

Technical inspections and Motor Winding will be check by a special purpose meter to ensure no tampering is evident and be conducted randomly.

Stock Motor Requirements

To be legal for use at AARCMCC sanctioned events the motor needs to be ROAR, BRCA, or EFRA approved AND also meet the

Technical specifications.

Technical specifications are listed in AARCMCC EP On-Road General & Technical Rules, key dimensions for 21.5T and 13.5T are listed below. It is the racers responsibility to ensure that their gear is legal. See the instructions below for measuring your motor to make sure it is legal.

Motor Can Maximum diameter is 36.02mm excluding solder tabs or lead wires. Minimum diameter is 34.00mm excluding solder tabs or lead wires.

Maximum length is 53.00mm Stator 21.5T & 13.5T Stack minimum length 19.30mm, maximum 21.00mm. Stack inside diameter minimum 14.50mm, maximum 16.00mm. The thickness of the stack plates is 0.35 +/- 0.05mm.

Rotor 21.5T & 13.5T Shaft diameter must be 3.175mm. The shaft outside diameter, where the magnet is mounted, shall be minimum 7.25 +/- 0.150mm. Magnet minimum length 23.00mm, maximum 27.00mm. Magnet outside diameter minimum 12.00mm, maximum 12.51mm

Battery Voltage

The multimeter used for the event will be available for checking battery voltages during Friday controlled practice. It is the racers responsibility to ensure that their batteries are not overcharged

14 Accommodation


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