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Evaporust will remove the need to sand ANY rust off of Ferrous parts. Soak it for a couple hours and Ferrous parts come out looking darn near like new. Rinse with clear water, dry thoroughly, and liberally oil it. I like Dexron ATF due to its high corrosion inhibitor content.

Replace the bearings. You can get a crankcase with OEM bearings installed for dirt cheap from I built a complete 3.3 engine for $30 having just a NIP piston/liner/rod, carb, and backplate. Otherwise get bearings from Avid or RCBearings. Boca Bearings sucks for two reasons. They sell Chinese bearings for 10-20 times what Avid and RCBearings sell them for (same quality) and Boca’s search turns up the right bearing sizes about 50% of the time. Remove the old bearings and measure them before ordering new ones.

I’d like to see pictures of the “rust”.
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