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Originally posted by PW
Here is a list of drivers (sponsored & non-sponsored) that will be attending the Reedy Race racing Schumacher Mi2's:

Clinton Riley (mod)
Don VinKemulder (mod)
DuJuan Moore (mod)
Jason Moberly (mod)
Jeff Witman (mod)
Jon Kerr (mod)
Pat McCarson (mod)
Paul Wynn (invite)
Jeff Maurer (19 turn)
Rich Stidham (19 turn)
Weylin Rose (19 turn)

Let me know if I missed anyone!

Next month at the Reedy Race is going to be a blast!!!!
Let me revise this statement....This is a list of drivers that "will be" attending the Reedy Race if they are picked in the Lottery! Sorry if I miss led anyone

Lets add to the list of potential drivers:

Tim Potter
Hector Garcia
Paul Wynn

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