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Despite a fierce blow throughout the day knocking down branches and taking out power in various locations, racers braved the wild weather and gathered for festivities at the Magnuson Park community center. Historically, even during that run of huge turnouts a few years back, we experience a lull this time of year. We have been going hard for several months, and with holiday spending turning to new year thrift, the guys understandably take a little break. But, with 50 entries across eight solid heats, including a big Stock TC turnout, I would say we are maintaining good momentum through the winter season. If you are wondering, will they race? The answer is an affirmative yes!

This club has used RC Scoring Pro from the beginning, and it has served us well. Despite a few hiccups with the new version earlier this year, and a balky computer which had naught to do with the software, the program is being dialed in with frequent updates, and its potential is beginning to emerge. One of the neat features is the online race results that graphs laps and track positions.

Have a look at the excellent Mod TC main: RC Scoring Pro | Modified Touring (A Main) January 27th 2018 | Seattle RC Racers One can reconstruct the race just by looking at the graph. Jeff and Sam took advantage of their grid positions and got off to clean starts. That's called taking care of business. Further down, you can track how Weylin, Andrew, Stuart, and Shay all battled for their midfield positions. In particular, look how Stuart's and Shay's lines track early, and then Weylin's converges, crosses Stuart's, and then traces almost exactly with Shay's for the last ten laps. That indicates those two were in a dogfight in the closing minutes, which, since I was there calling it, I can confirm was an all-in battle between the two long-time friends and rivals.

Or Stock TC: RC Scoring Pro | Stock Touring (A Main) January 27th 2018 | Seattle RC Racers I am amused particularly by the triple hump of Jesse's graph. One has to wonder what exactly was going on there? Was he overcome by a palsy, or an itch on his nose? I will tell you that his small block 21.5 Stock TC was handling the 17.5 heat throughout the evening. He has sported the 21.5 at H30 the past few several outings, and there it has been nearly on par with the 17.5s. I thought the 21.5 would be overwhelmed on the larger gym track with its wider lanes and carousels that favor a more powerful motor. But, he was clearly holding station in the middle of the A sort on a big night for the class. Alvin is looking good with his up to date X-Ray ride clearly treating him well.

Here is the link to all of the Saturday night races: RC Scoring Pro | Saturday Club Race January 27th 2018 Results | Seattle RC Racers It represents an accurate and revealing account of the night's contests, through qualifying and the mains.

We're back in the gym on February 10, two weeks from now, and the hangar on the 21st. In the meantime, racing continues elsewhere, at NORA, Rose City, and Overgeared. So, if you get the itch, scratch it!

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