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Originally Posted by AdvanceRob View Post
I ran a R5T last season in buggy. Tons of torque. Too much for my track and driving skills most of the time. Going to sell it and get a W7 this season. Looking for bit smoother of a power curve. That new motor will be a hand full to handle in a buggy. Unless you’re Mayfield I guess. It seems by the numbers that it would be best in truggies. Or I could see it being good on a large track where you can let it rip on every corner. The dyno chart I saw on it was insane.
Agreed - I can see that there will be traction levels where the WRX will be perfect in a buggy. However, having run one in buggy a couple weeks ago, we noticed that when the track was moist and had tons of traction on practice day and seeding rounds, the WRX was an advantage. We were at the CRCRC race at the Ohio RC factory. It's a decent sized indoor track. That track has tons of traction, even when it's cold outside. The track temp was @46F. As the weekend went on, my son was turning down the throttle EPA to keep the car tamed down as the track dried out and started to glaze. So, after a mediocre 2 rounds of qualifying, we switched back to the tried-and-true WR7 and ran two conservative rounds to ensure a good qual-points score. He got a 3 in both of those rounds without having to limit the throttle EPA, or push really hard trying to TQ the rounds. The WR7 is perfect for a buggy in nearly every condition.

So, on that track, on that day, the WRX made the buggy a bit less consistent and hurt the qualifying times. However, I am sure that there will be people who will love it in a buggy when the conditions are right.

I was very impressed with how well it ran and the brute force power that it produced. The buggy was a rocket when the traction was high. Can't wait to run it in the truggy.

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