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For those considering the TS401, I think it would only be fair to understand some of it's limitations. I used to own one and absolutely loved it until other brands quickly caught up and offered far better features leaving the TS401 far behind the competition.

1) Range issues, for most tracks this was never a problem, but Radiopost uses direct sequencing which focuses its signal around 1 channel, by far the strongest wave signal I've seen out of several other brands of signals that I sampled at the time. What I found was that it was necessary to run the radio on 2S LiPo to prevent low voltage range issues on larger tracks. Sometimes, and this was very rare, I would still experience glitching on larger tracks when too many other radios running direct sequencing channels in use... one trick I found was to leave the radio turned on (at least 1 full round before my race) so my channel wouldn't get used as modern systems will scan available frequencies and adjust accordingly where with Radiopost, you're stuck with only 1 frequency.

2) Color LCD screen is really nice, though if you race on an outdoor track in direct sunlight, it's very impractical to use one hand to shield from the sun and change model memories with the other hand.

3) Boot up time is by far the slowest of any radio I've seen on the market, I want to say it was something like 5-10 seconds... but if you're in a hurry to get on the driver stand for any reason, it can sometimes feel like an eternity for the radio to boot up.

4) No charging jack, this is really a preference and there are still some reputable brands which don't offer a charging jack for a myriad of lame reasons, but this has become a deal breaker for me personally. I will not own a radio without a charge jack for simple matter of convenience... why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars on a modern luxury radio and have to settle.

5) Too many different generations of Rx's to keep track of... Red/Green/V2 Green etc... I wish they would've properly labeled each version of each release so people could clearly see what they are buying used, original version of Rx's were notorious for being glitchy, good luck trying to tell the difference between them in used pics.

Would I still recommend a TS401?
Actually yes! Provided you are willing to accept the limitations that I've just listed, I feel it's an excellent system for medium to small covered tracks.

Really breaks my heart the brand never upgraded the system to keep up with the competition... Radiopost once set the pace for the industry to follow and now they've become a relic.

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