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Default 16Dec2017 Race Report

Once per year we rebuild our tracks. It's a process that takes several hours and is always stressful and tiring. But, it's worth it to change up the look of the track, and we also see to maintenance on hardware we have invariably deferred to some more convenient time that never seems to arrive. This time out we also replaced the sonotubes we use for rolling up the carpet. We have to thank Jeff J. for retrieving five new tubes from Atlas and taking away the old ones.

The new track is a Korey Harbke joint. He brought the concept, and with an assist from Kody to fine tune it, we put together a flowing, racy layout. We've gone away from a traditional straight-sweeper to a straight that cuts back hard to a large carousel. I can't speak for the touring cars, but a 1/12th Stock car can negotiate the end of the straight with just a blip off throttle and then carve the carousel at full throttle all the way to a cutback that begins the short front straight. The front straight then features a hard right hand dart through a double apex chicane that rewards perfect timing and punishes turning in early. It is somewhat reminiscent of the death chicane from the infamous diagonal straight layout from a couple years ago, the one I personally referred to as “The Scream.” Fortunately, the current version is not nearly as treacherous, and the consequences for mistakes not remotely as dire. But, it does preserve an element of risk.

Once the program began, we had 40 entries with all classes present and correct to start laying down a groove. Since I could not help myself, I went ahead and asked during the drivers meeting whether it should be two or three qual night, and many hands went up for three. It made for a hard charging night on top of a long day, but I'll say we got in our laps! Since I run 1/12th scale classes, my time total worked out to 64 minutes of racing, verging on too much of a good thing, if I am being completely candid. I was pretty shot at the end of it all.

We're taking an extended break from the community center; we will return on January 13. Between then and now, we are racing twice at Hangar 30, and many of us are going to the IROCC round of WCICS up in Sydney, BC. Also, there is racing at NORA, Rose City, and Overgeared in the coming weeks.

With so many of you working harder and longer hours than ever, and with no one's commute getting easier, it can seem like forces conspire to keep us away from the track. In this present age, it's more than half the battle to simply show up! But show up you do, night after night. So, thank you for the extra effort yesterday, it was a big ask, and you came through. Finally, Merry Christmas, and may the season shine down peaceful and luminous on you and your families and friends.

Results attached.
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