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Originally Posted by YoDog View Post
Keep in mind that spec racing wasn't created to make the cars slower, it was created to make things more equal/controlled. Nearly every form of motorsport has specifications put in place to make racing more competitive on the track rather than dictated by budget and IP. It's this inequality that has driven away a lot of potential racers because they are not willing to dedicate their lives to a hobby. It's a hobby for most people not a sport. The goal is to attract more participants and whatever works to that end is what will keep racing alive. Maybe foam sedan will help but given the past track record, i'm not so sure. If you are not growing, you are dying. 1/12 is starting to make a resurgence because of spec controls, not the other way around.

I completely understand and agree with your viewpoint. My point is introduce the foam tire class in 17.5TC or mod if you run it during some club races to test the waters. If it takes off, you already have a spec foam tire to run (Gravity) and they are cheaper than rubber.

There is enough rubber sedan and pan classes, WGTr, USGT, F1, 25.5 TC, 21.5 TC, 17.5 TC and sometimes mod TC in rubber. That to me is a very big barrier to entry for some guy on the outside looking in, overwhelmed with classes. Then I quickly find out my rubber tires on Black high grip may last one or two solid race weekends before dropping off, and I need to buy another set at 40 a wack to stay competitive. I have yet to find a rubber tire for 17.5 that works optimally for more than one MAYBE two full races if I push it.

At 20 a pop the gravity's are a great pricepoint, and if it gets popular competition will drive that cost down further.

Additionally, I would say 1/12 has never really lost its fanbase, because of the use of foam, and the attention to detail in setup. Also, I would say a lot of the Foam TC guys stayed racing with 1/12 helping to keep the class popular.

This is not meant to go back to old ways of thinking, for me its to go back to what made this sport popular-racing and self-improvement of your driving capabilities thereof, to include learning lines and chassis setup. All part of the draw for me.

I can get a rubber tire car dialed and then the tires start going off and you chase setup. Very annoying at times. The performance degradation of foam tires used over time is no where near as drastic as a rubber tire heat cycled into uselessness. I see it every club race with some of the less experienced racers.

Something that is not a barrier to entry is less classes, cars easier to drive and setup, and cars that drive consistently... IMHO I believe that is with foam tired cars, that's why I love 1/12...
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