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Originally Posted by GrandeGixxer View Post
If you ban sauce, people are still going to do it and cheat. Impound tires?
Just run a separate foam class. Tires will be cut, non-spec sauce will be used/experimented with and the class will eventually die... again. The only thing that seems to have been corrected is a good spec. compound. Everything else is unlikely to be manageable except at a big race where they can be inspected before and after heats. Clubs are unlikely to spend the time and effort to control the tires usage. I can hear it know... "Hey, your tires were trued to XX diameter which gave you an advantage"--- "No Way!" "They wore down to this diameter from the 8 heats I put on them last week". " My setup is so good, they all wore exactly the same to the tenth of a mm".
Cut tires will always be advantageous so they will be cut otherwise they are 1 run tires. You would have to use a new set every heat to be fair.
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