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I haven't posted in here because I am not sure what is best for the hobby and as Gixxer mentioned, I just want to race so it really doesn't matter what the tire is, I'm in. Also, I'd like to point out that some tracks in Italy and I think other areas in Europe are starting to push Foams on TC. So to say this is an American thing only is not accurate.

That said, I ran the foam tires at Indoor Champs with a 17.5 in the round 4 qualy under the alias "Eric Anderson." I did not run foams on my TC at all prior to that run. The only changes I made to setup were based on feedback from others that had run them and what I saw from the mod guys running them. Those changes were:

1) more rear camber (from 2 to 3*)
2) changed from MS6 to LTC
3) geared up a few mm on rollout because I was sure I would need to with the increased corner speed.

I sauced 3/4 front based on guidance from Drew and Paul, and full rear. I don't think traction at Champs was super high, but it was decent. The only time I flipped was off of those dreaded dots/curbs. Even with gearing up I was still under geared. That said, the car was easy to drive and my hotlap was 1.1 second off of Paul's mod hotlap. It was fun - the 5 or 6 minute run was over in a flash. It didn't feel like a full run.

Took them home to 180 Raceway and put them on my car again for 1 practice run. Grip was quite a bit higher at home. I sauced only half of the front this time and made no other changes because I was already running the LTC and honestly I forgot about changing rear camber. We run a spec 13.5 with a fdr limit and I didn't change anything there either. The car did traction roll once on me early in the run without any influence from a dot or a board, but otherwise it was safe and easy to drive to me. Our track is small, so laptimes were only about .2 faster. Being way under geared didn't help with laptimes either. I am sure with a proper foam setup and the right gear, laptimes would be faster and the car would probably be easier to drive. By proper foam setup, I don't mean trued tires and glued sidewalls. I mean the right bars, springs, droop, etc.

I did let a few others try my car that run, Sam Isaacs and Danny Jenkins both ran a few laps. They did not seem to enjoy it as much as I did, but at least they tried it. Maybe in time they would enjoy it, I don't know. I encourage others at my track to try them as well and I am leaving that set of tires out at my track for anyone there to try.

I am not sure what the future of carpet TC racing will be, but it was fun and worth while to try foam I think. Anyone bashing it that hasn't tried it is out of place IMO. The foam is not the same front to rear, so it's much different from days of old. Maybe this nitro foam would be good on 1/12 fronts too, so we can not need to glue those either, IDK. Worth a try I think.
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