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Default 2Dec2017 Race Report

About this time of year, when I mount the snow tires for the run up to the ski hill, I always think, “This is how it is for Canadians all year round.”The past few seasons we have held the Can-Am Challenge on or around this date at the beginning of December as a way to say thank you to the people who travel to race with us. It was a trophy race at a club race pr ice. But the calendar has become more full, and those racers who used to travel more are now blessed with solid clubs and programs close to home. Most of the clubs have a trophy race they host, and our Great White North friends have WCICS which commands a chunk of the calendar. So, it has been little surprise that the past couple Can-Ams have been light on actual Canadians. This year we skipped it, saving our trophy race and travel inducement for the Emerald City Classic in March. Nevertheless, among our 58 entries and 10 heats were three bona fide Canadians, Keith Yu, Nospoom, and John Tsang who hail from the Overgeared Racing club in Richmond. Thank you guys, for joining us.

Watching Donny throttle the Scale Spec field prompted John Tsang to say at one point, “Maybe I should break out the Scale Spec again...?” John famously won an ECC title in the class against a dominant Dan Garber a few years ago, but I think he might find it heavy going against Donny who is proving to be one of the most capable drivers in the class we have seen. He mounts a sharp lid on a well-sorted car, and then he carves through the field with little to no mercy for those who can't keep pace. It might be time to place some calls: Dick? It's time. Ryan B., get up here. Mike B., saddle up. Mike Ruete? Jacob?! You're late, get on it. Someone step forward to knock the big guy around, though for sure, it won't be an easy task. He might send you tail-tucked back to whence you came. Donny will etch his name in the books with the last track record on the layout.

Novice was night-long fight between Ken and McKenna. They traded qualifying rounds, with McKenna pinning down TQ. It looked like she had the win in hand, but an unforced error on her part left her nursing a hungry hippo nose high body around the track with Ken in pursuit. He made her pay for the mistake by getting around and taking the win. All in all, an excellent night for our Novice drivers.

Stock 1/12th was a full field yet again. It has made a nice comeback as I think guys see the value in the offering as well as a challenge in mastering the simple yet subtle little beasts. I was able to break through to a 43 again, though I was still a few seconds shy of Brian's track record. Behind myself and Ron Lui flying a solo second place, Ryan, Jeff, and Kelsey enjoyed an excellent qualifying battle and notched 40 lap runs. It wasn't so long ago that 40 laps was nearly unattainable on our track, with 13.5 motors! Now, we can knock those down with 17.5s. A testament to how batteries and motors continue to advance.

Modified Touring was already deep in this club, but now it borders on the absurd. I challenge anyone to show me a better night in night out Mod touring field than what we have right here in Seattle. After taking the better part of two seasons off, Kody has returned to the fray with a nifty new car and a refreshed outlook. But the rest of the guys have not been laying moribund in the intervening years. Everyone has gotten faster, especially Korey who has emerged as one of the top 1/12th scale talents in the country, and is a formidable touring car driver as well. He isn't about to step aside for the Panda. Both qualifying and the main were fierce between the two of them, with Andrew, John, Jake, and Sam not exactly content to watch from the sidelines. The top six cars were within a lap at the end of qualifying, proving how unremitting was the pressure for all. After a ferocious nose to tail fight, Kody slipped around Korey who tapped out. Kody held the lead for two laps before his own error forced an early retirement and handed it back to Korey. Jake came clean in second, while John and Andrew had a barn burner for the three-spot. Modified Touring!

Formula 1 (always with the French nasal Un!) witnessed a Tveten visit, as both Mark and Pops showed up for some fun. Mark brought a good game, as he challenged and prevailed in his bid for the TQ honors. However, he bowed out of the main, leaving Russ Dyer to cruise largely unchallenged to victory. Further down the sheet, Steve and McMullen enjoyed a good race.

Stock Touring was back in its rightful position as the big field of the night. This one, as well, is deep and offers a reliable robust contest for those who attend. To that point, the top five cars were all within less than a lap, with the formidable Mike Malkinson leading the way. However, come the main, it was Keith Yu, one of our frosty friends from north of the 54th parallel, who would emerge the victor as he showed in Q2 that his car and mental state were in fighting form. Malkinson had a clean start but surrendered his lead on lap eight with an uncharacteristic bobble. You can't hand that to Keith in a five minute touring car race and expect it to turn back in your favor, as Mike knows too well. Keith as smooth and confident from there, taking his time in traffic and making no mistakes.

Finally, Modified 1/12th scale was a chance for Korey to reveal a new X-Ray ride. He picked up where we last saw him with the 12R6, which is to say, barely, more like a blur. On the aluminum deck he describes it as mellow, comfy, maybe a little pushy. Uh huh. I'll use words like, “ballistic” or “blazing.” So, nothing new there. Stuart was also quick, not far behind on three-run pink/lilac tires. We've worked at this class for years, and no lie, it's hard. But man, it's a reward to dial it in and get right.

We build a new track two weeks from now. Until then, in the immortal words of Mick Jones from The Clash: Step light and stay free.

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