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Originally Posted by Jamie Hanson View Post
The AE F6 is very much like the Xray, or Roche car. The one thing about the AE car that is better than the rest is the new rear pivot design. It is bind free. All F1s with the exception of Serpent and AE now use a "puck" in back that bolts to the chassis and two side links. If you hit a board, that puck can move and then binds up the rear pod. you constantly need to keep checking it. The AE car still has a rear pivot but it does not bolt to the chassis. It is designed to slide causing a bind free rear end. I think this is huge. Plus, companies are coming out with cool stuff for the car now as well. Jconcepts has a body already marked for the AE car. The Protoform fifteen is the best looking body though and what most people use. AVID is making some trick front arm mounts. Fenix is making an aluminium chassis for the F6 should you desire that.
Been running one of these from in my 1/12 and F1 cars for a few years.

Always hated trying to un-tweak the centre pivots as it was never easy and always took a few attempts.
Zen have now changed it so it looks more like AE's current version and you use the plastic center insert from Associated.

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