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Originally Posted by Tyree Phillips View Post
...There was no real direction for the battery mount hardware, just a incomplete drawing.
Just completed mine and it's a rather unique build. My battery is a R1 Euros and I had to make several adjustments to make it fit.

The provided spacers from the motor mount and servo were changed for 4.5mm worth of shims and a button head screw, and the screws for the battery holder tabs have 7mm worth of shims. The result is satisfactory but there is 2mm of forward/backward movement in the battery cause there's no adjustment for that direction. I know Yokomo make a non slip pad for their battery holders so I'll be getting one of those.

Truthfully, I feel the front holder is a Tad too far forward cause when the battery is up against that block there's only fractions of a millimeter between the battery and the front steering arm.

Edit: Just built the shocks... Very nice! They seemed to be machined really well, the inside is polished to a fine finish, and overall they were fairly easy to screw together even with a bit of oil on the fingers. I was lucky that my shock shaft holding tool was 9mm so I used that to get the 9mm required spacing.

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